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AVPT 2017 Roadshow



Confirmation Camp 2017

Confirmation is a time of solitude and solace with our heavenly father. Some of us who have been through this phase, may have walked along and conformed to the other members in the classroom or church without really grasping our loving father’s grace. On the other hand, some of us would have graced our father’s blessings at a much earlier age, seeking his comfort and refuge in our own entreaty. Either way, confirmation is the pinnacle of our Catholic childhood, paving our ways to another new agendas inscribed in our course of life.

Good Shepherd Feast Day 2017

Feast days in the Catholic churches around the globe are done to commemorate the sacrifices of a cannonized saint. Such feast days are celebrated in various different traditions in grandeur to mark an important day in the Catholic Calendar year. The Archbishop of Malaysia, Rev Julian Low in commemoration to celebrate the mass, usually adorns such feast days. The Feast of the Good Shepherd was a 4-day celebration which welcomed many walks of life, from the 4th of May to the 7th of May 2017. The wonderful occasion was celebrated at The Good Shepherd Church, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

Theology of the Body Part 2 Camp

The Catechetical Ministry of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church held the second part of the Theology of the Body camp for the form five students from the 11th to the 12th February 2017 in collaboration with the Theology of the Body team from the Archdiocese. Theology of the Body (TOB) was introduced by Saint John Paul II. It seeks to explain about human love and marriage. It is a series of 129 talks given by Saint John Paul II while he was a Pope as part of his Wednesday audiences. Saint John Paul II wrote the Theology of the Body in Polish while he was a cardinal.

Palm Sunday at Good Shepherd Church

Palm Sunday at Good Shepherd Church began with the gathering of the faithful outside the church to hear the Gospel, chant ‘Hosanna in the Highest!’ and walk in procession, waving the blessed palms. In unison with the universal church and officially marking the beginning of Holy Week, the parishioners gathered to glorify Jesus, the servant King. The mass was animated by the parish Youth group who magnificently orchestrated all the hymns and Psalms in four languages.

Living the Laudato Si

A couple of years ago, the Vatican introduced the Church and the world to Pope Francis’ new encyclical, ‘Laudato Si’ or Care for Our Common Home. Addressed to “every person on the planet,” Laudato Si’ warns of the dangerous changes the earth’s climate and ecosystems are undergoing. It considers the economic causes of the problem, decries that problem’s particularly disastrous impact on the world’s poor and offers a profound theological, moral and spiritual vision of the integral relationship between God, humanity and the created world.

GSC Holy Childhood

Can children make a difference? We realize the missionary potential of children

The Church, in realizing the missionary potential of children, began to ask children to take an active part in proclaiming the Gospel to their peers since the 19th century. Poverty, hunger and illiteracy are some of the common social issues that is hitting the most vulnerable section of our society i.e. the children.
Good Shepherd Church (GSC), Setapak through its Catechetical Ministry takes pride in offering GSC children a programme that consists of prayer, sacrifice and concrete acts of solidarity.

Catechetical Sunday 2017 "Be a light Tower"

A day for teacher’s to light and shine as a beacon, to be the light tower for children’s lost vessels sailing amidst the sea of confusion and other influences. The day to set a milestone in the creation and nurturing of young adults into spiritual succession. That was the position bestowed upon the catechists of the Good Shepherd Church, Setapak.

AVPT Live in Vocation Camp

As our church today continues with its empowering of the call of vocations, the AVPT team continues to spread the joy and the rising need of vocations to all the young people around. From the 17th to the 19th of February 2017, a Vocation Awareness Live-In Camp was held at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Setapak in Kuala Lumpur. This camp brought together 22 young men and women from all over the archdiocese to discover the meaning of vocation as well as to get an insight to the different vocations bringing life to the Catholic Church.